Monday Motivators!

WOW! We have a class full of successful superstars. We have heard tales of achievements in all shapes and forms this week! Well done to Ryan, Fraser and Shaun who have all had sporting achievements in the past few weeks. Here are a few pictures of our phenomenal classmates and their medals, trophies and certificates!

Fraser brought in his medal and trophy from his Triathlon that he completed! WOW! It takes a lot of stamina to complete a competition like that – wonderful work Fraser.

Shaun sent in a photograph of his medal for Shinty following him scoring the winning goal for his team. Shaun has been noted as being a hardworking and dedicated member of the team, which is contributing to his success. Well done Shaun – fantastic to hear! You sound like an asset to your team.

Ryan brought in his trophy, certificate and t-shirt following his successful 3rd place win at EICA in Ratho! Well done Ryan – great work! You will need to give us all some climbing hints and tips!

Remember – in P5 we love celebrating success, whether that be a sporting success, art, drama, music or anything at all! Bring in your photos and share with us!


Homework this week!

Remember P5 to pick one of the spelling lists. This is an opportunity to pick your challenge!

If you would like to do all three lists you are more than welcome, HOWEVER this is not an expectation and one perfectly practised list will be magical!


Long Weekend!

I know P5 are keen beans and love to learn, HOWEVER please do remember that it is in-service on both Monday and Tuesday.

Therefore enjoy your long weekend and I will see you all bright and breezy on Wednesday!

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Here’s a wee throwback Friday from the start of term when we were creating our very own tower sculptures as part of a team. P5 worked amazingly well in teams and within their individual roles in order to create a tower out of cocktail sticks and bluetack! I saw lots of communication, enthusiasm and supportive team mates! What a class!


Homework This Week!

Homework this week is due on Friday instead of Wednesday as it is the long weekend!

Many apologies as I forgot to send out the maths sheet. I know it is a long weekend, however if anyone is feeling ambitious I have attached the sheet below. Remember to write down the time it took you to do the sheet! Good luck.  🙂


Sponsored Walk 2018

WOW!!! What a fantastic way to kick off our blog by sharing some of our happy, smiley faces during the Sponsored walk on Wednesday. The weather was fantastic as we heroically stomped our way through 10k. It’s safe to say – P5 love a challenge. It’s going to be a fabulous year.




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