Tennis Festival

Belated tennis festival photographs! A fantastic afternoon for all.



Need we say anymore…!

P5 and P1/2 were quite the team today using fairy liquid, water and straws to make bubble mountains! We added a magical ingredient (Glycerin) which made our bubbles super sturdy and strong. All in all, a great day.

I am really proud of how responsible P5 were during this experiment for Science Week 2019. A class full of role models!

The P5 Politicians

P5 have shown wonderful debating skills this week! We began with our value corners and went to whichever corner we agreed or disagreed with. We then moved on to holding our very own debates in class.

It was very impressive to hear all of your points of view P5 and the way that you presented these in debate. You should all be very proud of yourselves! 🙂

Monday afternoon milton moments

We have been listening and focusing well the past two Fridays whilst discussing Thinking day. Therefore we are due extra Milton Moments.

As P5 have worked EXCEPTIONALLY well the past two days during debating and thoughtful tasks we are going to have milton moments on Monday afternoon. Children are allowed to bring in their devices or board games however there is no access to internet within the school.

See you then P5!

Homework Survey

Hello all!

In the homework there was a link to a homework survey! Due to a glitch, this survey is not working correctly and therefore please hold off completing it for now. I will post the new link once the survey glitch is fixed.

Thank you very much!


Miss M 🙂

* Christmas Party *

Woohoooo! To celebrate both the festive season and aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll of our hard work this term, we will be having our Christmas party tomorrow afternoon in school.

We will supply a juice/water, packet of crisps and sweetie at the party and there will also be the opportunity to win a few prizes!

Comment below with any song choices and feel free to bring in something Christmassy to wear at the party!

🙂 Miss M

Swimming Tomorrow

What an exciting time for Primary 5!

Tomorrow we begin our ten week block of swimming lessons and it is going to be action packed.

Please remember the following items:

  • Packed lunch
  • Swimming costumes/shorts
  • Towel
  • Goggles (not required but great if possible)

If anyone is yet to bring back their emergency contact slips, please bring this in tomorrow. No problem if you don’t have a letter – just a note of name and contact number is fantastic. This can also be sent to me at

It’s going to be terrific P5 – get a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s activities!

Important Information

Hello everyone and happy weekend!


The homework is quite busy this week so please do not worry if you are not able to manage it all. The most important task in the homework is filling out the Key Assessment Task sheet, so no worries if that is the only task you manage.

Swimming Volunteers

If anyone’s Mum, Dad, Granny or Grandad would be keen to come along to the Aquadome with us during swimming lessons, then please let us know as soon as possible.  The more the merrier! 🙂

A huge welcome to Ms. Mackay!

We are very lucky in P5 to have a student teacher visiting us. The wonderful Ms. Mackay will be with us for the next three weeks and has many exciting plans in store for us!

Parent’s Evenings

A letter has went out today regarding the online booking system for Parent’s Evening. The letter explains how to work the online system, however if anyone would like any further help with this please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at .






Tomorrow P5 are welcome to wear a Halloween decoration or outfit to school! :)! Remember to come to school in your school uniform and bring your decoration or outfit with you!



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